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Can My Team be better at crushing our quarterly goals?

Rajiv Jadhav’s Manifestation Coaching is unlike any other coaching experience in the world. How?

We’re extremely Results Oriented and believe in Delivering Results at the Speed of Thought. Yes, sounds like a line, you’re thinking. Sounds boastful as well.. These are reasonable thoughts since almost every coach today promises clients the Sun, the Moon, the stars and beyond. Clients like you are both jaded and confused by lackluster service, broken promises and disappointments. Rajiv and his team understands this all too well, since he started out as a client/customer just like you! That said, he offers a never seen before approach and offers guarantees!

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How is Rajiv Jadhav’s Manifestation Coaching different?

  • We’re designed to work for clients who are Impatient and who want to see results Yesterday (Immediately). Are you our ideal client? (Take the assessment today)
  • We’re so confident in the results we deliver, such that, if the client does not see results as forecasted. No payment is required
  • Most clients see results in 2-3 sessions. We’re all about Speed. We’re not here to string you along for months or years at a stretch. We want to help you now, so you can operate at the desired elevation tomorrow.

Results Delivered!

How Does Rajiv Jadhav’s Manifestation Coaching Work?

  • Take our assessment to see if we’re the right solution for you
  • Schedule a complimentary discovery call with Rajiv Jadhav himself!
  • If we’re a fit, make payment to schedule your starter session.
    • You’ll have a 1 hour Manifestation session with Rajiv Jadhav and then,
    • Have another 1 hour Clearing Session with our Healer – Uri
  • You’ll be paying a 50% advance. If you don’t see tangible shifts towards your desired outcome within 7-14 days, don’t pay us the balance owed.
  • If however, you experience results, we request that you contact us, let us know and then make payment. We believe in the Honor Code and believe that our ideal clients operate with the highest levels of ethics and integrity


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While we cannot guarantee a specific timeline for clients (since everyone has a unique situation), most of our previous clients have reported experiencing shifts immediately after each session. Past clients have said they’ve had numerous epiphanies after closely adhering to the coach’s instruction after the session
  • 1. Impatient – wants results yesterday
  • 2. Decisive – takes decisions quickly
  • 3. High Integrity – keeps promises
  • Are you an ideal client? Take the assessment to find out
Our Founder, Rajiv Jadhav, is by nature very impatient and understands that most clients want results yesterday. Keeping that in mind, our approach is to cut to the chase and deliver a desired outcome 10 or 20 times faster than conventional approaches, so that the client can quickly transition to their next phase
Contact Us if you’d like to appeal our decision or use our new Q&A service
Rajiv is a serial entrepreneur and busy CEO, so has very limited time available to serve coaching clients
  • 1. Turbo-charged Super Fast Results
  • 2. Access to Exclusive Networking Events to help grow your business and you
Manifestation Coaching is delivered through Zoom Video calls. Energetic Clearing is delivered through Phone Call.
No Refunds. Though we may consider transferring services paid for in advance to someone you refer, (if they are an ideal client), at our discretion.
  • 1. Make sure you have a stable and good internet or wifi connection, with a working webcam
  • 2. Select a space that is not noisy so neither you nor your coach will be disturbed during your session
  • 3. Make sure you have a bottle or glass of water nearby
A client may request for an appointment to be rescheduled at least 36 hours before the appointment, without any penalty. Requesting a reschedule less than 36 hours from the meeting will attract a $75 reschedule fee. No shows without prior communication with us forfeit the fee paid.
  • 1. A manifestation session to help you figure out who your ideal partner is
  • 2. An Energetic Clearing session to remove all the blocks that are preventing you from meeting your desired person
  • 3. Our New Q&A service helps you identify if you have a soul connection with anyone you know presently or did know earlier in life
No. The energetic clearing is used to remove ANY blocks based on whatever you want, which could include finding your soulmate. The energetic clearing could be used to help accelerate your wealth creation, improving health, finding happiness, finding your purpose, etc.

Like, Rajiv says many times – Believe in us, until you believe in yourself…

Rajiv Jadhav is a public figure with an active social media activity having received 40+ public recommendations on Linkedin – which you are free to verify yourself by looking at his public linkedin profile.

Rajiv is a veteran Government Advisor (India, Trinidad & Tobago, Nigeria, Malawi, Czech Republic, United States, etc. ) Board Member and keynote speaker who’s been invited to speak at the United Nations.

If all this doesn’t convince you, we’re probably not the right solution provider for you, and we wish you well in your journey ahead.

You speak to our Healer through a phone call. Its an easy paced comfortable conversation which usually lasts 60-90 minutes depending on the session chosen.

We advise clients to be fully transparent and candid in those conversations since we maintain 100% confidentiality for your privacy and safety. The more candid and honest you are, the more benefit you will experience.