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Learn about our growing roster of World Class Coaches and Trainers

Rajiv Jadhav

Host Online Visibility Wizard & Manifestation Coach

Award Winning Online Visibility Wizard/Manifestation Coach who was recently invited to speak at the United Nations on the role of Technology & Coaching to solve homelessness. Winner of 2017 Minority Business of the Year

Lynn Donaldson

Host Product Lauch Strategist with a focus on Technology, LiifeSciences & Pharma

Product Launch Strategist who helped a client achieve $1Billion in Sales at Launch

Rob Price

Branding & Design

Senior Design Director at Coach and Michael Kors. Helped to build a Billion Dollar Retail business for coach through high margin product design.

Steffan Surdeck

Leadership: What’s holding you back from achieving effective leadership of your teams?

Professional Speaker, Author, Coach. Working with leaders to unleash their co-creative leadership.

Joshua Spodek

TedX Speaker, Author & Coach.

Paula Oleska

Speaker & Coach - Non-Meditation Stress Reduction.

Joel Elfman

NLP Trainer & Master Practitioner, Certified Hypnotist, Neuro-Somatic Re-patterning

I work with individuals to create the life they want. We remove limits, old beliefs and habits, and install powerful, new patterns that move you forward, so you can be more successful and enjoy life more fully.

Angelin Chang

Elevated Productivity

Grammy Award Winning Classical Pianist. First woman of Asian heritage, and First Woman to win a Grammy in that category.

Heather Maidat

Mindset: Find your Voice, Find your Clarity

Writer for TV, Film, Print, Copywriter, Ghostwriter with projects that have been featured on MTV, ABC, Netflix, HBO to name a few.

Anil Gupta

The Love Doctor. TedX Speaker, Best selling author & relationship Coach.

Joy Allen

Funding: Fortune 500 funding strategies for you

Adam Porroni


Amanda Whitecroft

Influencer Marketing

Dutch Martin

Influence through Humor

Rocky Lalvani

Business Profitability

Fractional CFO & Profit First Professional who helps businesses Increase Profitable Revenue. Host of the popular podcast Profit Answer Man

Dilip Patel

Learning Facilitator-Trainer, Certified Zentangle Teacher, TEDx Speaker, Happiness Mindset Coach

Experienced Senior Facilitator with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Talent Management, Coaching, Strategic Planning, and Employee Engagement.